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Screenings are a brief assessment to determine if a more thorough speech, language, or other professional or developmental evaluation is needed. The purpose of a screening is to look for red flags in the areas of articulation and verbal / non-verbal language skills, however concerns in other areas of development may also be identified and discussed.

Screenings help determine if a client's skills are within normal limits for their age  or if they should continue to be monitored or further evaluated. We briefly look at each area of communication during our screenings. These brief assessments help parents and educators learn more about a child's development. After a screening recommendations are made. 

We provide screenings upon parent, pediatrician, and teacher requests. We also offer them at local pre-schools and elementary schools. If you are interested in your school offering annual screenings, please contact us. Screenings are currently available via our telehealth platform until further notice. If you have questions about your child's speech or language development, do not wait. Early identification is important. Contact us today!



​We provide thorough evaluations for articulation disorders, language delay and disorders, social pragmatic disorders, voice, fluency/stuttering, and other communication issues.

An evaluation typically involves standardized and criterion referenced tests, observations, and caregiver, teacher, or family member interviews. Clients are seen for one or more sessions. A written report with test scores, recommendations, and goals are provided. Different tests are selected to look at the specific areas of concern, based on age and developmental levels.

We review our findings with caregivers and recommend goals and a treatment plan for the client.​​ Evaluations identify baseline levels to track progress and the specific areas in need of intervention. After our assessment group or individual therapy sessions may be recommended.


All new clients without prior or recent evaluation must participate in an initial screening or evaluation before we provide any services.  



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The "wait and see" theory is outdated.

We strongly believe in early intervention and addressing issues as early as possible.

Please contact us if you have questions or to set up a screening or evaluation.

We are here to help get you answers!


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