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Signing "Hat"

Signing "More"

Research indicates infants as young as 8 months old can use signs to communicate their needs to caregivers. Speech-language pathologists use simple signs with children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, as well as with infants and toddlers who are typically developing and those with developmental delays. Signs help children build vocabulary, learn to express their needs, make requests, and reduce tantrums and frustrations. Signs are a great way to build the bridge between the non-verbal child and starting first words.

Signs DO NOT delay language development. We have found that the use of signs greatly increases language development. Once a child becomes more verbal, they naturally prefer to express themselves with words and begin dropping the signs when they no longer need them. It is faster to talk. Signs help get children communicate and learn new words quickly while making communicating a positive experience.

Signing "Bathroom"

Signing "I Love You"

Signing "More"

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