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Our team specializes in providing infants, toddlers, and their caregivers with the most quality and supportive services during the early years! There are many reasons children may need early intervention. Prematurity, a history of chronic ear infections, autism spectrum disorder or a syndrome affecting language development are some reasons serivices are needed. 


It is our team's goal to work closely with caregivers to ensure they have the skills needed to continue providing language rich activities in the home. We believe caregivers know their child best, and they are an important part of the therapy process. We teach baby sign language for those who are gesturing and learning to speak. This helps reduce their frustration levels and empowers them to communicate their needs. Signs boost memory for language and bridges the gap while learning to speak more clearly. We make the therapy process fun with many language rich and hands on activities.


We work with young clients from many Bay Area preschools, the Regional Center of the East Bay, and local hospitals. Together with case managers, teachers, and other professionals, we plan for the future, make attainable and functional goals, and celebrate when our clients reach them!


​Speech-Language Pathology



Words Build Worlds

We Build Them Together

Let Us Be Your Guide On Your Communication Journey!


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