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​In 2001 Tamara Muhler opened her Word Works practice in Oakland, where she grew up. After working in public schools and private clinics, she realized there was a great need for a speech-language pathology practice to service more clients in the East Bay, where families would feel supported, included in the therapy process, and receive quality services.

Word Works quickly grew. In 2006 relocated from the Oakland Hills to a larger building in historic downtown Oakland where more families could be served. By 2013, the Word Works team had outgrown their space again. A second satellite center was opened in Oakland's Dimond District. In 2016, Word Works relocated for the third time merging both clinics in one large space in central Oakland near Piedmont Ave.


Due to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, Tamara made the decision to permanently close the Word Works office and move all services to online telehealth. This was the best way to keep clients and the Word Works team safe, and the most economical move for the business, and continues to be a great decision. Reaching more families and serving more clients than before, the Word Works team is enjoying a new challenge and change in the therapy model. 

The Word Works practice is a primary referral source for pediatricians, audiologists, physical and occupational therapists, resource specialists, and schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Children and adults contact us from surrounding cities to receive services from the Word Works professional team. Tamara has brought together a phenomenal team of skilled speech and language professionals who share similar philosophies and therapy techniques. ​Word Works is dedicated to helping clients enhance their communication skills.


Our Word Works team is a dynamic and experienced group of speech-language pathologists. We bring together experienced speech-language pathologists with 20-30+ years of ideas to share. Working together, we share our knowledge, areas of expertise and interests, and skills to provide the most quality and helpful services for our clients. Each SLP Word Works maintains close relationships with their clients. We keep sessions positive, use humor, songs, stories, books, and creative games whenever possible. We encourage family members to participate along the communication journey. We understand that children learn best through play and hands-on activities, and adults learn best when they feel understood, comfortable, and safe in an environment where they can be relaxed and open up.

Each Word Works team member specializes in early intervention services for 0-3 year old clients and the preschool and elementary-age child. In addition, they each have sub-specialties and areas of expertise, in areas such as childhood apraxia of speech, articulation and language delays, and autism spectrum, which makes the Word Works team exceptionally well-rounded and uniquely strong. Attending annual seminars, workshops, and conferences allows each of us to stay current on new evidence-based therapy research, obtain continuing education credits, and broaden our knowledge in specific areas of interest. Some of these include autism, down syndrome, apraxia, feeding, aural rehabilitation, fluency, and more!

At Word Works we value our relationships with families as we work together to enhance quality of life through improved communication skills. Our team believes that parents and caregivers are the experts with their children. We help give caregivers and adult clients the tools and guidance they need to continue making progress at home and during daily activities. We focus on the generalization of skills and carry-over of learned skills to different settings. It is common for us to run into our current and graduated clients at local farmer's markets, walking around Lake Merritt, in restaurants while we have meetings, at Fairyland and the Oakland Zoo with our families, etc. We are always excited to see our families and hear their updates!

We are proud to be a woman and therapist-owned and operated business in Oakland. We focus 100% on communication and speech and language issues. We collaborate and consult with educational professionals, as well as occupational and physical therapists, behaviorists, educational therapists, developmental pediatricians and psychologists, neurologists, audiologists, and other important professionals involved in the care of our clients on a daily basis. They make referrals to us, and we refer to them as needed.

Our clients are referred by prior clients, local preschools, private and public elementary schools, pediatric medical groups, pediatricians and physicians throughout the East Bay, the Regional Center of the East Bay, various insurance companies, local hospitals, employers, and medical professionals. We appreciate the large network we have developed over the years. Thank you for your continued referrals!


  We look forward to working with you at Word Works!

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