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Language Processing

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Hearing Loss

Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

Accent Modification

Various Syndromes




Individual one-on-one therapy services are available for clients of all ages with a wide range of communication needs. While some clients may benefit from one session a week, others may require several weekly sessions or additional group sessions to work with peers. Caregiver and family involvement is encouraged and important throughout the therapy process, especially in the carry-over of learned skills to daily activities in different environments. Sessions are provided through telehealth with similar activities and suggestions for parents and clients to do in the home.

We use a play-based model with our pediatric clients, and follow our client's lead. Children learn best through play, and we make the most of our time with our client's by introducing stimulating materials, activities to be easily made at home, songs, engaging games, and having fun! Teens and adults enjoy learning through activities and conversations based on their interests, educational focus, and work needs. 


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