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Red Flags for a Speech & Language Delay


Difficulty with clear production of speech sounds

Has omissions, distortions, or substitution of speech sounds (some developmental errors are appropriate)

Not using words single words by age 1 or combining words by age 2

Frequent drooling or difficulty eating different textures

Repeats back words and phrases (echolalia/TV talk)

Hesitates, repeats, or prolongs words

Unusual vocal quality, or a sing-song prosody

Difficulty with rules of grammar

Lacking specific vocabulary to name objects or actions. May use "that," "thing" or "you know" or use gestures

Difficulty with social relationships with peers (inappropriate remarks/difficulty initiating interaction with peer, volume control difficulty, unawareness of other's feelings or facial expressions)

Distractability - attention/focus

Learning difficulties - particularly in the areas of reading and writing

Difficulty following the rules of conversation (limited eye contact, personal space, interrupting, limited topic maintenance)


We frequently refer clients for full hearing tests with an audiologist to rule out hearing loss or fluid in the ears. 

We also refer to developmental pediatricians when there are signigicant indicators for developmental delay and to rule out autism spectrum disorder.

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