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​"All the speech therapists at Word Works are wonderful. Gage Herman was our shining star. She can help you get the most out of the speech therapist you're working with through the school district." - Lisa

"My daughter Jocelyn was 2 1/2 when she started going to Word Works. She could hardly get her needs met at home and would get so frustrated and upset. We were so happy the Regional Center sent us to Word Works. Her speech therapist taught her how to use some gestures and signs to show what she wanted, and she quickly started trying to say more words. After 2 months she had made a lot of progress and was talking. We were so happy to see that she was excited to try to communicate. We were also thankful to have a Spanish speaking therapist. This has been a great experience for us!"  - J.Rodriguez


"My 3-year-old twin girls loved going to Word Works for the Word Play social language preschool groups. They looked forward to going every week and learned how to use their language skills with friends while doing really fun activities. I highly recommend these language groups - T.L.


"I was referred to Tamara at Word Works after I got my first cochlear implant in my mid-twenties. I wish she had been around earlier in my childhood! Her personality and teaching methods made these lessons a joy to attend. She showed me how to pronounce words correctly using her hands to show tongue and mouth placement. Her method made it easier to understand why I mispronounced a word. Everyone at Word Works is friendly. I highly recommend Word Works!" - K.M.

"We found Word Works after my son was getting more and more frustrated by not being understood. His hearing was fine and he seemed to have a lot of words. I could understand him about 50% of the time and most strangers couldn't understand him at all. We had an evaluation and found out that he was making over 30 different substitutions. We began seeing Gage for therapy and he improved so much. From the interactions I have had with the other therapists in the waiting area and watching them with the kids, it seems that all would be great. I recommend Word Works!" 

"We learned more about our son's needs from a 30 minute observation with Tamara than we did after 2 full evaluations with other speech-language pathologists through our hospital and insurance. Tamara's recommendations were extremely helpful. We started therapy at Word Works and are so happy with our child's progress." - Parents of 3 year old child

"The Word Works team has been amazing! They were helpful from my first phone call to their clinic. I did not have a long wait to get an appointment for my daughter. She received a thorough evaluation with many tips for me to use at home. The quick and smooth transition into therapy was great, and I am thrilled their new center is so close to my home. My daughter enjoys therapy and we really like everyone who works the clinic. Word Works has helped us so much and my daughter is speaking so much more now!" - M.B. Mother 2-year-old child

"My son cries every time he has to leave his speech therapy appointment because it is so much fun! He does not realize he is learning and practicing his skills through play! He is making so much progress and his therapist is great. She understands his needs as a child with Down Syndrome. The whole Word Works team has been friendly and helpful. We are very happy to be at Word Works!" - Parent of 4 year old child

"After moving to Los Angeles I was thrilled to be able to continue to work with my speech-language pathologist Tamara Muhler on my aural rehabilitation goals through teletherapy. We continue to meet weekly and I love maintaining the connection and making progress on my goals."

Adult with Cochlear Implant

"During the start of the Covid-19 pandemic I was worried how I would get speech services for my toddler. My pediatrician referred me to Word Works. I am so glad she did! They were quick to respond to my questions, set up an online evaluation, and began seeing my child in a week. I have been so happy with the progress and guidance, and relieved that teletherapy works well. I now have ideas on how to help my son while we are home all day together. He is making so much progress and talking now! He looks forward to our weekly sessions with our therapist. Thank you Word Works!" - Parent of 3-year-old son

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